Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Happy New Year to all CGR members.

Below is the latest newsletter email with any current important information that you need to know.

A few membership & licence reminders for the start of the New Year:
  • CGR membership renewals are due now for 2012 so please renew at the containers if you haven't done so already.
  • BC licences need to be renewed NOW if you intend on racing the early Nationals at the indoor - ring BC memberships on 0161 274 2010.
  • First time members to British Cycling can obtain a free membership (children) or discounted membership (adult) including your race licence for 2012 - speak to Gav if you need more information.

National Number Plates
Anyone who raced a National in 2011 will have to use their 2011 ranking number on their plate.
Any new riders or those who didn't race a 2011 National need to use the last 3 digits of their licence number.
If you are moving into a mixed age category then you may use the last 3 digits of your licence number.
Plates must have a solid background behind the number (not contoured around the edge of the number) - if in doubt ask.
    Expert - black numbers on yellow background
    Elite - black numbers on white background
    Junior - white numbers on black background
    Cruiser - white numbers on red background
    Female - white numbers on blue background

Henry Burton - 39
Jack Critchlow - 28
Chris Worrall - 29 (986 cr)
Ash Walker - 33
Aaron Brown - 10
Josh Matthews - 15
Jordan Taylor-Griffith - 20
Shane Dean - 8X or last 3 digits of licence
Shaun Issitt - 18
Alistair Burton - 38
Phil Critchlow - 43
Ash Davey - 15 or last 3 digits of licence
Kieron McAvoy - 12X or last 3 digits of licence (1 cr)
Charlotte Burton - 12
Isabelle Burton - 14
Sarah Jones - 7

Tuesday 17th January 2011 - start 7pm prompt
Venue TBC but likely to be the Horseshoe public house on North Street, Crewe (next to North Street Post Office).

The gate is currently out of action again due to speaker issues - please bear with us while we try to rectify the situation.

Structured coaching will start again in the next week or so.....keep an eye out on the blog for updates & keep checking your emails.

& finally please feel free to email any questions or issues over to me....

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