Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Below is the list of the CGR riders who have officially qualified for the World Championships 2012:
Henry Burton  U12 Cruiser
Chris Worrall  13/14 Cruiser
Ash Hatton  15/16 Cruiser
Damian Groves  17-29 Cruiser
Kieron McAvoy  17-29 Cruiser
Alistair Burton  35-39 Cruiser
Sean Field  40-44 Cruiser
Sarah Jones  Female Cruiser
Charlotte Burton  9 Female
Isabella Burton  9 Female
Preston Field  6&U Male
Nathan Marsh  13 Male
Chris Worrall  14 Male
Jack Critchlow  14 Male
Jake Jones  14 Male
Brandon Dalby  14 Male
Ash Walker  15 Male
Aaron Brown  16 Male
Declan Pemberton  16 Male
Callum Dalby  16 Male
Josh Matthews  16 Male

Jordan Taylor-Griffith  16 Male
Ash Davey  17-24 Male
Shaun Issitt  17-24 Male
Shane Dean  17-24 Male
Warren Bancroft  25-29 Male

Marco Dell'Isola  (30+ or Masters)

The link in red below is to the British Cycling information page with a link to the online registration - I assume that this will be the same online form as we've used for Nationals.
**IMPORTANT - if you do not have an official GB Cycling jersey then you must wear one at the event. You can purchase them at the time of registration. 
Registration is open NOW & closes on 2nd March. There will be NO entries processed after this date.
Registration fees are £95 if purchasing a jersey or £60 if you already have one.

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