Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Outline information for all riders is listed below.  Please note that the event website will carry all information to do with ticketing and an explanation of everything you need to know.  In your rider packs that you will pick up on the day, there will be a schedule and your practice times, including a map showing the team area, parents area and the checkpoint for entering the team area.

Sign in Times (Via your TM in the Olympian Suite)
Monday               12.30pm - 4.30pm
Tuesday               9.30am – 1.30pm
Wednesday        9.30am – 2.30pm

Sign In Location
The location for GBR picking up jerseys, number plates and rider/bike bands will be the Olympian Suite.  This will be signposted.  If you are one of the people who has not purchased a jersey, jerseys will be available to purchase on Tuesday afternoon at a cost of £35.00.

Practice Times
Each group will be 1 hour long starting with group 1, commencing at 2pm on Tuesday and 3pm on Wednesday.
Group 1            2pm Tuesday & 3pm Wednesday           Boys and Girls categories for riders aged 5-11 years
Group 2            3pm Tuesday & 4pm Wednesday           Male and Female riders aged 17 and over (20” & 24”)
Group 3            4pm Tuesday & 5pm Wednesday           Boys and girls (20” & 24”) categories for riders aged 12-16 years & 12 & Under Cr

Rider Info
Go to:                   http://www.bmxworldchamps.co.uk/Rider
Now that the rider count is known, the published timetable may change, so please keep an eye on any updates next week.

If you haven’t bought tickets for Saturday night yet, please do not leave it much longer as over ¾ of the available tickets have already been sold.  Complete sell out for Saturday is expected within the next few days.  Friday evening is over 50% full, so this is also expected to sell out.  Purchase via: www.bmxworldchamps.com.

Team Manager & Assistants
Your Team Manager for this event is Jason Stack.  Jason will be assisted by Mark & Claire Coppin, Mark & Joanne Wood & Chris Taylor.  All will be recognisable by their white event T-Shirts or red event Hoodies.

Team Area
The location is North car park – levels 7-9.  This area is only accessible through the WINGS checkpoint.  This is a computerised checkpoint where you will be required to scan your wristband and bike band in and out.  Our Country Team area will be allocated and signed posted. ONLY people with appropriate accreditation and riders wearing a rider wristband will be allowed in the Team Area. Parents will not be allowed to enter with riders.  Riders must wear their wrist band at all times (replacement wrist bands will be charged).

Parents Area
This is located on the concourse between the pit and pre-staging areas to allow parents to see their children on the way to pre-staging before they race.  There will be no access to the Team Area or Pre staging for parents, only people with the appropriate accreditation will be able to access these areas.  Riders should use this entrance to access the arena seating on all days EXCEPT Friday and Saturday Evening.

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