Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Following last night's successful trial training session with KMC (Kieron McAvoy) it has been decided that these sessions will now continue on a weekly basis.

For those not in attendance last night the session consisted of on track bike work with gates and straights, off track bike sprints and finished with an off track fitness session. It was an intense work out but was well received by all those who took part.
The format used last night will continue with hopefully a few variations when the lower field is available, more off track skills, etc.

The sessions will be run on a monthly basis payable in advance at £15 per month which equates to a little over £3 per week for a two hour session.
Commitment is needed to arrive each week on time so that the session plans can be kept to - if you are unable to make a session or are running late then it would be appreciated if you could make contact to inform us.
We are initially looking for a maximum of 16 riders on a first come first served basis - if supervision allows then this may increase and will be communicated separately. 

For the sessions it is advisable to bring with you trainers and training clothes for the off bike part of the session. You will have a short time to get changed out of your riding gear when needed.
Also bring plenty of suitable fluids to keep yourselves hydrated during the sessions.

The first session of this new training structure will take place on Tuesday 28th August 2012 and the first monthly payment of £15 will be due then.

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